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Shellac, Bio Sculpture, IZ Pro, Acrylics, Manicures, Pedicures & Elim Medical Grade Pedicures

At Sun Seekers Frimley, Camberley, we only use the best quality, vegan, HEMA-free products – we do not use drills:


All of our nail treatments include basic manicure, cuticle removal and shaping. We will remove all products previously applied by Sun Seekers free of charge when having a new set applied. Please contact us before making an appointment if you have had gels done by another company to discuss if we are able to carry out the removal (charge may apply).
Nail art including glitters and diamantes can be applied at a small charge.
Any repairs within 7 days will be free of charge, thereafter there will be a small charge.
All we ask is that you remember your nails are jewels, not tools!


Shellac is the original gel polish, a patented hybrid gel polish, by Creative Nail Design, with a huge variety of non chip colours or French.
They combine gel, for durability and traditional polish for colour and shine.
We offer the standard base Shellac or advanced for a stronger base for those who consider themselves heavy handed!
Shellac can be applied as an overlay or be used over their new Plexigel extensions.
When removed properly, this product will not damage your natural nail.

Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture is a gel product, it is vegan, vitamin enriched, long lasting, flexible and durable.
The company are ethical and caring and have been the market leaders for over 30 years.
There is a wealth of non chip colours available in the range, which can be used over the natural nails or extensions.

IZ Pro

IZ Pro colours are also a gel product, which is healthy for the natural nail.
This range of gels has a fantastic range of bright colours and is very long lasting as an overlay or over extensions.


Acrylic nail extensions are also on offer for those who require either a longer length or consider themselves to be very heavy handed.
We carry a variety of brands and will consult with you to find the best solution for your nails.

Gel Polish Aftercare TIPS!
Wear gloves when cleaning, washing up and gardening
Wash hands after contact with chlorine, insect repellent and sun cream
Use cuticle oil daily
Avoid long periods in water (washing up, long baths, swimming etc)
Avoid intense heat (hot tubs, sauna etc)
Do not use your nails as tools
Never pick or peel product off



Standard and luxury manicures are a lovely treat, we use Vinylux polish for a beautiful finish.


Our pedicures all include foot soak, in a Footsie spa, where the liner is replaced with every treatment, hard skin removal, exfoliation, cuticle work, nail shaping and a moisturising massage, as well as a polish or gel of your choice.
The luxury pedicure will involve more hard skin removal, a mask and heated booties.

Elim Pedicure and Callus Removal

If you are looking for completely silky smooth feet, free of hard skin and calluses, the Elim Pedicure is for you!
Elim is a medical grade pedicure treatment which uses state of the art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet.
The products use facial ingredients to ensure the best for your feet.
This pedicure with amazing results can be taken on the heel only, on the whole feet or with polish or gel.
Multiple treatments might be required.

Please call us on 01276 62191 to discuss your nail requirements and we will be able to help.

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