Microblading by Sun Seekers


Lip Blush & Microblading by Sophia

Sun Seekers Frimley, Camberley, are delighted to offer these NEW semi permanent makeup services:


Semi permanent lip tattoo to define the lip line and enhance the colour of your lips.

Whether you want to revive your ageing lips or enhance, this is an ideal solution.

Sophia is trained by an award winning trainer and is an absolute natural at semi permanent makeup, with her eye for perfection. She uses the market leading Tina Davies products to ensure the best results.

£399 to include a top up if necessary

Appointments available by phone
Call 01276 62191 to book

*Photos are taken directly after treatment, so do show some swelling which goes down quickly. In depth consultation and aftercare advice is provided.


Microblading is a procedure that involves placing hundreds of tiny strokes into your eyebrow area, to create a texture that looks like your own eyebrow hair.

We use the market leading Tina Davies professional pigments for the colour.

Sophia has been an amazing brow technician for many years and will use her unique skill to provide you with a beautiful set of brows to frame your face.

She is passionate about her trade and will take her time to consult you to make sure you get the brows you desire.

Microbladed brows last 12-18 months and a top up appointment is required after 6-8 weeks.

£299 initial appointment
(including 6 week top up)

£199 top up only

Microblading Aftercare:

Wash your face gently and be especially careful around the treated area.
Pat it with a clean tissue.
Don’t rub your brows.

Use only products prescribed by your esthetician.
Don’t use skincare products of your own, because they can contain ingredients such as exfoliants and acids, which can affect the pigment.

Let the scabs fall off naturally.
Don’t pick them because you can rip some pigment off and that is hard to fix.

Don’t sleep on your face and use a clean pillowcase, ideally a silk one.

Don’t wear makeup for at least 10 days.
You may be tempted to wear makeup on the rest of your face avoiding the treated area, but artists advise against it, since the makeup and removal products can come in contact with the tender area when you remove the makeup.

Avoid sweating, saunas, swimming in the ocean and pools, and long showers.

Avoid sun exposure and tanning.

Please call us on 01276 62191 to discuss your makeup requirements and we will be able to help.